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At D-n-A LLC we are committed to taking drain cleaning, plumbing, & heating, in Connecticut to the next level of service. D-n-A was founded on the principle of bringing you the knowledge, and experience of some of the most prominent nationwide plumbing companies in the United States, while giving you individual, customer centric service a large company can never attain. When you call D-n-A you are our only customer until your problem is solved!


Our plumbers and drain cleaning technicians are carefully picked people from large companies, that worked extensively on some of the toughest jobs the larger companies had, requiring skills well beyond their usual plumbers and technicians. Drain cleaning technicians with extensive experience in cleaning lines the other technicians couldn’t clean, and using the pipe inspection camera to diagnose problems. Plumbers who worked extensively with and even leading the sewer repair team on numerous repair jobs and replacement jobs using excavation, pipe bursting and pipe relining techniques. Experts in the field of Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation bringing you options many small companies can’t. D-n-A plumbing, drains,& heating LLC is a small but growing family owned business with skill and the technology to get the same jobs done at a much cheaper cost than then those well known large companies. Each of our plumbers brings over a decade of experience in plumbing, drain cleaning and heating to solve all of your plumbing problems to your satisfaction with fast efficient, and personalized service.


At D-n-A we know we have the remedy for every clogged sewer line. Our Drain cleaning technicians are experts in using the high pressure water jet, snaking drains are second nature. But at D-n-A we also have the technology of trenchless pipe repair and replacement, such as pipe relining, pipe patching. We also specialize in the old conventional way of fixing a broken sewer line with a backhoe or hand digging.

Our goals at D-n-A plumbing, drains, and heating llc Is to bring the best service experience to your home or business. And to give our customers the best service for the best prices. The experience of our D-n-A Technicians and our equipment allows us to recommend the best possible “Plumbing, Heating, & Sewer Solutions” for your situation.

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